Back to the Drawing/Writing Board

I have writing coming out of my ears!

Having just finished acting in The Shape of Things at the Courtyard Theatre in mid-July, I deal with the post show blues as best I can… by getting as obsessed as possible with other projects.

And now with my writing head firmly on my shoulders I am juggling two projects – a comedy crime film and a short for a competition about Dickens.

This is all a bit of a departure for me… although I have written a few bits and pieces for theatre before, film is more or less uncharted territory for me, so I have been cramming my head with as much of a crash course as I can get from reading other film scripts, reading books on screenwriting and stealing nuggets of information from my much wiser friends on the subject.

In the interests of keeping on writing and following the advice of this AMAZING blog post I thought I’d regenerate this blog and start scribbling where I’m at and possibly post some titbits.

There is also the consideration that two of my wonderful friends – a hairy nefarious bear, going by the name of Columbus Giant and a bumbling virtuoso of booze called Vinguard – have promised me that they will also start blogging so we can all start together.

So here I am once again. Hurrah.

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